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We’re dedicated to your financial success, which requires us to first understand your life and your personal goals. Before we get to know you, here’s a little bit about us.

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Founder & President
Art Molloy Founder and President at Capital Growth in San Diego

​“Every person and situation is unique. I enjoy the mathematical challenges that investment markets and financial advice bring to the table. Most of all, I enjoy helping other people live a better life.”

I was Biophysics student at UCSD when I learned about the stock market and began to study it. I made my first trade in 1974, and have been engaged with the investment markets since.

At Capital Growth, I manage the firm, provide leadership to my team of advisors, and work with individual clients to provide financial advice and investment management services. 

If time and money were unlimited… I would spend more time with my grandchildren and more money on travel. I would still like to visit all 50 states, and I would love to see the 7 Wonders of the World.

My role model is… I don’t have one single role model, as I am inspired by many people. They include King Solomon from the Old Testament, Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Carnegie, Nikola Tesla, Michael Bloomberg and Nick Vujicic.

FINRA series 4, 7, 24, 27, 53, 63, and 66

CFP – 1986 Certified Financial Planner™

CFA – 1991 Chartered Financial Analyst®

CMT – 2006 Chartered Market Technician

Insurance License: Life, Health and Disability 

Executive Vice President
Jay Wurtzler Executive Vice President at Capital Growth in San Diego

“I enjoy working with my clients to simplify the complicated financial world. Reducing their stress and creating a more enjoyable life is very rewarding.”

In 1988, I left Ohio for San Diego to begin my career at Capital Growth, and I am now Executive Vice President. I work directly with individuals and small business owners to identify and lay out a plan to reach their financial goals.

It has been an incredible journey to watch the firm grow and to know that we have impacted so many lives over the years. 

If time and money were unlimited… I would enjoy traveling and learning about God’s beautiful creation. I would also spend more time with my family who live all over the country. I get the most joy from working with my church and many charities to make the world a better place for the many who struggle daily. 

My role model is… From my mother and siblings who taught and comforted me for years, to friends and business associates that mentored me, my life has been coloured by role models. My business partner, Art Molloy, has also been an incredible friend and role model over the past 30 years.

FINRA series 6, 7, 24, 63, and 66

Certified Financial Planner™

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Life, Health & Disability Insurance Licensed

For a one-on-one complimentary consultation with me, please feel free to book some time on my calendar!

Senior Vice President
Pat Brennan Vice President at Capital Growth in San Diego

“I enjoy meeting with people and helping them design a realistic investment strategy that ultimately allows them to live the very best financial life they can.”

I first met my colleagues in the late 1980’s and reconnected with them upon finishing my MBA in ‘98. We had good synergy and a similar vision about investment planning.

Today, I’m Vice President here at Capital Growth, focusing on personal retirement planning and investment management. I specialize in real-estate oriented investments and believe that they compliment an individual’s overall long-term investment strategy.

If time and money were unlimited… I would spend more time traveling internationally with family and giving back to local charities.

My role model is… My wife, Erin, who always maintains a positive, healthy outlook about people and life while overcoming personal challenges. She’s in the moment with everything she does. 

FINRA series, 6, 7, 63 and 65

Life, Health & Disability Insurance Licensed

Professional Plan Consultant ™

California Real Estate License (CA License #00919270)

Vice President
Marcella Harkness Financial Advisor at Capital Growth in San Diego

“Being part of an ongoing and collaborative process is extremely fulfilling, as I enjoy working with clients to help determine the best way to reach their long-term financial goals.”

I started as a stockbroker in Denver but found that the transactional demands of the job didn’t align with my goal of helping clients realize long term financial goals. I met the team at Capital Growth through our mutual broker and decided to join in 2010.

I focus on Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management. 

If time and money were unlimited… I would spend more time traveling with my family and working with my favorite charities.

My role model is… A woman named Mary who I worked with years ago. She always emphasized the importance of putting the client first. Her approach to planning and working with clients has guided me throughout my practice.

FINRA series 7, 24, 63 and 65

Certified Financial Planner®

Life, Health & Disability Insurance Licensed

Medicare licensed

For a one-on-one complimentary consultation with me, please feel free to book some time on my calendar!
Vice President
Scott Dickerson Financial Advisor at Capital Growth in San Diego

“I feel a lot of satisfaction when I see my clients achieve important goals, such as being able to retire, and knowing that I helped in some way to make it possible.”

I started in this industry in 1988 because I believed that I could help others accomplish their Financial dreams. I knew Art and his team through Sentra Securities and knew that they were the best of the best. When the opportunity to join them arose in 2010, I jumped at the chance. 

My role is to improve the financial well-being of my clients. I specialize in risk management and income strategies through goal-based comprehensive planning. 

If time and money were unlimited… I would spend more time with my wife Tracy, my family, my friends, and my clients.

My role model is… All the people in my life that I have been blessed to know, and who have helped shape me into who I am. I have always believed in surrounding myself with people who would better me as a person.

Director of client services
Erica Tanner Director of Client Services at Capital Growth in San Diego

“I enjoy building trusting and dependable relationships with our clients, and seeing their goals realized. I relish in solving the most complicated transfers or account issues, consequently making my client’s life easier.”

I graduated from UCSD with a degree in Biology, but found the life of a chemist unfulfilling, which brought me to the finance industry. In 2007, I started at Citi Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley), and then jumped to UBS before Art recruited me at Capital Growth, where I feel that I have finally found my home.

I specialize in client on-boarding, client relations, 401(k) and various retirement plan transfers. I also oversee client service associates and operations to ensure that everyone is receiving the highest level of service and seamless on-going client support.

If time and money were unlimited… I would take vacations with the family and spend more time with them! I’d also like to buy a vacation home for all of my extended family so that we can meet up often. I’d work for fun and spend more time volunteering at my church, my children’s school and as a youth soccer coach.

My role model is… My mom. She owned her own business at a young age, yet never missed one event of mine. Now that I myself am a mother, I model myself after her. She taught me a strong work ethic and that I can excel in my career and be an amazing mom at the same time.

Series 7 and Series 63

For a one-on-one complimentary consultation with me, please feel free to book some time on my calendar!
Wealth Management Specialist
Matthew Belardes Wealth Management Specialist at Capital Growth in San Diego

“I enjoy the high professional standards that we set at Capital Growth. Our team is highly credentialed and experienced in their craft, and are focused on delivering the best investment performance and service to clients.”

In 2008, I was in law school at USD and working at Citi Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley), eventually moving to Credit Suisse. When Credit Suisse closed their American private banking division in 2016, I explored all 50 states with my wife. I then spend a few months at Wells Fargo but did not feel it was the right fit. I was ready to jump to a legal career in estate planning when I reconnected with Erica Tanner who introduced me to Art. 

I’m responsible for investment trading and performance reporting as well as supporting our portfolio research and analysis efforts. I am also an attorney and act as compliance liaison. 

If time and money were unlimited… I would do a lot of what I currently do in different places around the world, like read by a fire in a cabin with a view of the Alps or in a hammock on a beach in Southeast Asia. Work is still important to me, so I would remain in the investment business as well as teach at a university.

My role model is… Tom Brady, quarterback and six-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots. He is a mediocre athlete but his work ethic, heart, competitive drive, and team player mindset has made him the best player of all time. On top of that, he’s a family man.

Series 7 and 63

Chartered Financial Analyst® Designation

Certified Financial Planner® Designation

Attorney – State Bar of California

California State Insurance Licensed

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