Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz

Find out your risk tolerance in less than five minutes.

Assessing your risk preference is essential for determining the best San Diego investment plan for you.

Why Does Risk Tolerance Matter?

The foundation of your personal investment strategy is your comfort with risk. The two most significant factors at play are the amount of time you’re comfortable having money tied up, and how much you can stand to lose.

From conservative to aggressive, risk tolerance speaks to how much uncertainty you’re comfortable taking. No matter your risk preference, we’ll calculate probability and build a plan to help you achieve your goals, comfortably.

High Risk

Low Risk




Potential to lose money

Some loss tolerance

Must make a return

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire Spectrum

Risk Tolerance Can Change Over Time

Your risk tolerance isn’t a static fact. Selecting investments to match your current tolerance is essential to any good wealth plan. Once retired, for example, your focus may shift from saving for retirement to generating income from those funds.

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